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Aegis Peer Review Management began serving Scientific/Technical/ Medical journals in 2003. Taylor Bowen, founder and President of Aegis, is a publishing professional with more than 20 years experience in the scholarly publishing field. Prior to starting Aegis, Bowen was with Carden Jennings Publishing and its technology spinoff, ScholarOne, for 12 years, where he was heavily involved in the initial development and launch of Manuscript Central™ (now ScholarOne Manuscripts™), one of the first web-based softwares offered to the publishing industry and now in use by thousands of journals.

Aegis offers journals and publishers an extensive background in Web-based peer review technology, editorial workflow, “community of users” relations, editorial best practices, training, "journal rescue," and journal production management.

Bowen is also a founding member of The International Society of Managing and Technical Editors, a society dedicated to the professionalization of scholarly publishing editorial staff and the leading resource for best practices in today’s editorial operations. He was proud to be the Chair for the Society's first 4 professional conferences (2 in the US, 2 in Europe).


Founder and CEO

Taylor Bowen

Taylor Bowen

Bowen was with ScholarOne when Manuscript Central was conceived and developed. He worked closely with the software’s early adopter journals on workflow analysis and software functionality and display. He opened and managed ScholarOne’s first European office in Oxford in 2001 and continued to help develop the ScholarOne Manuscripts software to meet client needs and to match the fast-paced offerings of new technologies.

During Bowen’s time at Carden Jennings Publishing (1990 - 2002), he worked in the company’s traditional custom publishing division managing trade association magazine titles, medical journals, and specialty publications. He was also the Managing Editor of The Western Journal of Medicine, which was the official publication of the California Medical Association and was later sold by Carden Jennings to the BMJ Group.

Bowen is a founding member of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (www.ismte.org) and served as the Society’s conference chairman for its inaugural US and European meetings in Baltimore, London and Oxford, UK.

Finally, it is important to note that Bowen oversees all Aegis clients’ processes and personally manages several journals on a daily basis. He often travels to client conferences or editorial board meetings and prepares and presents specific reports as requested by the clients. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of editorial management at meetings, and appreciates his relationships with journal staff, editors, authors and reviewers.

Cook Dommer joined Aegis in 2012 and works from Charlottesville, Virginia. Earning a BA in English from Boston College and a double MA in Education from the University of Virginia, her past experiences include marketing, customer service, and logistics for a rapidly growing educational company. She is currently well-versed with all Aegis clients and often interacts by providing support, training, or advanced reporting. She is experienced with many editorial review platforms. She enjoys optimizing the workflow and providing detailed editorial feedback through data reports.

Senior Editorial Assistant

Abigail Cook Dommer

Taylor Bowen