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Daily Editorial Management

Staying on top of the process from submission to decision—and beyond

Using your journal’s Web-based peer review system, Aegis will manage your journal’s peer review process from submission to decision, including sending accepted files to the next step in the production process (such as your copy editor or your journal’s publisher).

On a daily basis Aegis will log onto your journal’s online peer review system and email in-box to carefully monitor manuscripts as they make their way through review. We will communicate clearly and regularly with editors and other participants in the process and take appropriate measures to ensure the quality, efficiency, timeliness and confidentiality of your journal’s workflow.

While there are several Web-based peer review systems on the market, Aegis is “system-neutral” to the extent that we will work with any of the leading peer review systems. We are particularly experienced with the ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM and Editorial ManagerTM systems.


Implementation & Training

Ushering journals into the new world of online peer review

Implementation & Training services are available for publishers and societies who want Aegis to oversee the rollout and management of a single- or multi-journal Web-based peer review program. The specific roles and responsibilities would be defined in detail by Aegis and the publisher depending on the publisher’s needs and staffing requirements, but might include the following:


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